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A digital platform for one of Figg’s most important business aspects: It’s customers



**UPDATED APRIL, 2024: This is now Chase Media Solutions

Figg is a spitfire growth organization in the credit card advertising space. One of their biggest challenges was servicing their clients’ requests for campaign feedback as it related to KPIs. Typically, this process was a spreadsheet created at a point in time upon request from the client.

My job was to help to transform this process into a real-time digital experience — without spreadsheets.


  • Remove spreadsheets from the business relationship on KPI's and ROI's
  • Design a visual UI toolkit that was on-brand
  • Design the portal from 0 to 1.

The project

Part 1: Discover

Define scope of scale of the project with c-suite and other key stakeholders. Align and break the work up into consumable items, stack ranked and tied to delivery milestones.

Part 2: Explore

Explore concepts that may achieve our goals. Get high enough fidelity for articulating ideas to roadshow, get feedback and aligment on through rounds of interaction prior to any high fidelity work.

Part 3: evolve

Design and deliver hand-off assets for development by producing high fidelity interfaces with an updated design system from the approved concepts that were explored. Test various flows and features in market to validate.

Part 1: Discover


Getting an idea of scope and scale. Planning out a roadmap.

Roadmap planning

Part 2: Explore


Put together concepts and flow diagrams together. Have workshops to align and get feedback. Iterate and move forward accordingly.

UX architecture

Profile permissions

Low fidelity design

Part 3: Evolve


Putting high fidelity hand-off assets together.

Design System

Built in Figma using their latest features at the time.

High Fidelity Screens

Built in Figma using the design system and low fidelity wires as guidelines.



Working alongside a super awesome BA, both he and I were able to put together in 3 months a net new concept for Figg's customer portal.

key Outcomes

  • Chase® Bank acquired Figg in 2023