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Membership Simplification
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A simpler digital experience for 
growing membership.



Life Time wanted to make it simpler for customers and employees to get memberships. They hired me to help realize this goal across 3 key areas of memebership sales pipelines.  


  • Make it easier for consumers to sign-up for a membership online
  • Make it easier for our employees to sign consumers up in person
  • Make it easier for corp-to-corp engagements for bulk sign-ups

The project

Part 1: Discover

Define scope of scale of the project with c-suite and other key stakeholders. Align and break the work up into consumable items, stack ranked and tied to delivery milestones.

Part 2: Explore

Explore concepts that may achieve our goals. Get high enough fidelity for articulating ideas to roadshow, get feedback and aligment on through rounds of interaction prior to any high fidelity work.

Part 3: evolve

Design and deliver hand-off assets for development by producing high fidelity interfaces with an updated design system from the approved concepts that were explored. Test various flows and features in market to validate.

Part 1: Discover


What was membership simplification? What was the scope and scale of this project? Who landed on my RACI matrix? What data do we have to support the request for a major overhaul of the most significant business channel? This part was all about answering these and other questions to make informed and intelligent design decisions.

Part 2: Explore


The following are several rounds of low fidelity wires that got us close enough to be able to articulate features, functionality and content to key stakeholders to get alignment or feedback from. Moving through iterations in this format made it relatively quicker to ideate and iterate until we hit the 80/20 threshold (80% good enough/20% defined in delivery or high fidelity designs).

Part 3: Evolve


Design system management to accommodate new patterns. High fidelity screens across breakpoints for responsive guidelines and references.

Design System

High Fidelity Screens

Step 1: pick a location

Step 2: defining members

step 3: Build a membership

step 4: member info

step 5: payment 



Over a several month period I was able to help transform a goal into a reality.

key Outcomes

  • Testing yielded high value insights for the ultimate UX/UI for the memebership eComm experience
  • A new eCommerce experience making it easier for people to get signed up online
  • A new design langauge for Life Time to use across internal and externally facing, data-rich and interactive heavy experiences
  • Increase of +14% in online memberships within 2 months